Hi, I'm Candace Gray, International Speaker and Confidence & Courage Coach for women of faith, ministry leaders and entrepreneurs. Creator of the Holistic Model of Abundance, the Fear Smashers Movement & the We Play Revolution.

I'm on a mission to wage war against the spirit of fear!

What do you want your life to look like?

You have ultimate control over the trajectory of your life. This time next year, are you still being held hostage by fear, passing up opportunities that will take you to another level of living? Will your kids be watching you every time you make a decision that perpetuates low self-esteem and snuffed out dreams? Will you still be avoiding opportunities to stand up for yourself and let your voice be heard? Will you still be envious of other's success, wishing you could do the same?


Who will you be?

The queen who has been transformed by the wisdom & revelation of God and healed from heartbreak, negative experiences, abuse & past trauma.
The queen who has adopted a royalty mindset, knowing who she is in God's Kingdom, resting in daily peace, drama-free.
The queen who is pursuing confidence, through increased self-esteem, believing her beauty.
The queen who no longer avoids challenges but embraces them.
The queen who is walking in courage to restore her lost dreams.
The queen who lives in emotional freedom, time freedom and financial freedom.
The queen who is open to new opportunities that bring valuable relationships & friendships along with lucrative business deals.
The queen who feels a sense of accomplishment daily because she is no longer a slave to fear & feelings of unworthiness.
The queen who is creating a legacy of hope & courage for their kids and generations to come.
The queen who is loved, respected and admired.

Are you ready to be her?

Then let me help you design your life in abundance.



Becoming Her Workbook + Journal

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Becoming Her Girl's Night In Workshops

it's like a slumber party without the slumber

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2018 Becoming Her: Vision Board new year's Party


LADIES! Are you ready to ROCK YOUR VISION?!

What do you want your 2018 to look like? Well, let's write the VISION and make it PLAIN!

👉If you know God is calling you to so much more than you're living right now, you need to be there.
👉If you have been running from God and what He told you to do years ago and you're ready to be obedient, you need to be there.
👉If you've struggled with fears and limiting beliefs that have kept you stuck from moving forward, you need to be there.
👉If you're ready to embrace emotional freedom & forgiveness, restoring broken relationships, you need to be there.
👉If you're ready to model the fearlessness and courage you tell your children to walk in, you need to be there.


Listen, 8 is the number of NEW BEGINNINGS and God is bringing us into a season of CELEBRATION & REST. 2018 is your year to start manifesting the blessings that God has on reserve for you. You CANNOT afford to let FEAR follow you into this new year!!

So meet me in Cincinnati, OH for the 2018 Becoming Her VISION BOARD New Year's Party!

Connect with a sisterhood of queens and...

👑Learn how to ACCELERATE the momentum towards your personal, professional, ministry & family goals.
👑Let your CREATIVE SPARKS fly as you create your vision, a tangible representation of the journey you're walking.
👑Allow the MUSIC to stir up the gift in your soul and get you in a free flowing space.
👑DINE together, enjoying the fellowship of powerful women influencers.
👑CLARIFY your vision of what God is preparing and building you for.
👑Tap into your own POWER to realize you have everything you need, to be great on the inside of you.

The 2018 Becoming Her VISION BOARD Party is NOTHING like any other event hosted in the Cincinnati area, or any other city, for that matter!

This PARTY will be an explosion of creativity and vision for the ambitious, female influencer ready to step into her GREATNESS and ROCK THE WORLD, unapologetically!

Using an ART MUSIC therapeutic approach, this workshop allows for visionary creativitiy, promoting a FUN & THERAPEUTIC environment!

Become a FEAR SMASHER & Get into the ZONE, the Visionary Zone!!

If you're a woman of faith, MINISTRY LEADER and/or ENTREPRENEUR (or aspiring), then let this be the event to KICK OFF your 2018! Embody COURAGE out the gate, by saying "yes" to the vision that God has placed on your heart. You NEED to finally be able to VISUALLY see where God is taking you & BELIEVE that you have the POWER to make it REALITY! Now, let's map it out, and connect to the women who will support us & partner with us to MAKE IT HAPPEN!

Seating is limited for this EMPOWERMENT event, so be sure to register early. 


Registration $60. Therapeutic workshop, Supplies & Lunch are included. 

Special Discounted Pricing for groups of 5 or more! Email info@rophehealing.com

No refunds (transfers are available).